Supporting Local Artists

Killer Koozys works with artists in Europe to bring their creations to life and put them in the hands of people everywhere. We help artists expand their audience and monetize their creations effectively through our sales channels. A percent of each Koozy sold goes directly to the artist.

Petia Dimitrova

Strategic Designer & Lecturer

Co-founder and CEO of Bulevar Design Studio with vast experience in Strategic and Graphic Design. A Lecturer in Design Thinking at SRH University, Berlin.

Koozy Designs

Halle Burke

Graphic Designer

Halle Burke is a graphic designer who creates with intention. Her purpose is to combine balance, harmony and strategy with creativity to construct unique designs.

  • Step 1

    Create fun designs that you think other people would like to have. Think seasons, holidays, beach, animals, drinking, hiking, humor, etc...

  • Step 2

    A member of Killer Koozys will review your designs for quality assurance purposes.

  • Step 3

    Our team of sales professionals push your designs through our robust distribution channels. When they sell, you get paid!