A Year in Review and the Future of Killer Koozys

A Year in Review and the Future of Killer Koozys

From the desk of John Griffin,  CEO of Killer Koozys.               

Dear Koozy Crew,

On the horizon of a new year, it becomes clear to me that 2023 was the year of the Killer Koozy… and what a thrilling journey it’s been! Koozys made the leap from a passion project to a well-oiled marketing powerhouse in just a few short months. Cue the nostalgic music, let’s take a stroll down recent memory lane:

Every good brand has a humble beginning. After a scorching hot Mediterranean summer where countless drinks outlived their ice baths, the Killer Koozy brand was born— founded on the principle that every drink deserves to be as cool as the person holding it. The goal? Revolutionize the way people keep their drinks chilled through customization and individuality. 

After countless trial-and-error prints and outbound proposals, boxes of Killer Koozys started to pile up around the office…so much so that we had to do a ‘Koozy Shuffle’ just to get to the keg machine without knocking over stacks and stacks of neoprene! 

Fast forward a few weeks and Killer Koozys was up and running with its first customer orders. Shout out to them for seeing the vision and jumping on board. Who would have thought that those very first Koozys manufactured would become the life of the party at the beach, in the park, at your ex’s birthday party, the corporate Christmas party, and even the wedding you crashed last summer?  

This year we turned Killer Koozys into more than just a functional accessory, we made them a centerpiece. Killer Koozys turned heads in 2023 and became a true canvas for brand identity in the spirit of celebration. In addition to chilling beverages, they sparked conversations, raised awareness, and served as a great memory and souvenir. 

Pass me my shades, the future’s looking bright for the Koozy Crew in 2024— a year for new connections, endless possibilities, and Killer Koozys in every color. Our focus in 2024 will be to harness their potential through strategic merchandising. By aligning our brand with the values of our dear customers, we can position Killer Koozy as not just ‘swag’ but a lifestyle choice—a trusted companion for any occasion, big or small.

We will continue to create memorable experiences through our offering with enhanced customization elements that can better showcase logos, slogans, and designs that leave a lasting impression. Killer Koozys are far more than a beverage accessory.

Through next year and beyond, we are sticking with our commitment to quality, creativity, and customer satisfaction. Our resolution is to be the standout frontrunner in the industry. Stay tuned, because with upcoming releases and collaborations on the horizon, the next best thing in climatized drinkware is coming to a party near you. 

Wishing you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a very happy New Year!

Cheers to all my Koozy comrades,

Keep it Chill!

- John Griffin CEO of Killer Koozys

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